Grading Scale

(A) 90-100

(B) 80-89

(C) 70-79

(D) 65-69

(F) Below 65


Grades 9-12 (4×4 Block Schedule Courses)

  1. Minimum of eight (8) daily grades in each subject each nine (9) weeks within the block course (full credit courses and half (½) credit courses).
  2. Minimum of four (4) test grades in each subject each nine (9) weeks within the block course (full credit courses and half (½) credit courses).
  3. One (1) nine (9) weeks exam shall be given each nine (9) weeks. For a full credit block course, this will be considered a MidTerm and a Final. The Mid-Term assessment shall cover content presented during the first nine (9) weeks of the block.nThe Final assessment shall cover content presented during the second nine (9) weeks of the block.
  4. For a ½ credit block course that lasts for a nine (9) weeks, one (1) nine weeks exam will be given as a Final assessment. 4. In computing nine (9) weeks averages for half (½) credit block courses, daily grades will count 35%, test grades will count 50%, and the nine (9) weeks exam will count 15%. This will be the yearly grade average for the course.
  5. The end-of-course average for a full credit block course will be the average of the two nine (9) weeks averages.
  6. Each student must meet End-of-Course state testing requirements in Algebra I, Biology I, English II, and U.S. History from 1877 for graduation.
  7. Grades must be entered into the computer system on a weekly basis.
  8. No nine-week average shall be greater that 100.
  9. State Board Policy Rule 36.4: Beginning with school year 2018-2019, all students enrolled in an end-of-year course SATP test course for the first time must participate in the assessment in order to earn the Carnegie Unit. The assessment score will constitute 25% of the student’s final grade in the course. (Scale scores will be converted to 100-point scale for averaging purposes)

* Taken from the Tishomingo County School District 2018/2019 Student Handbook.


Grade Recovery

Any student who makes a test grade below 70 will be given the opportunity to receive additional instruction and practice assignments for that material. The student may then correct missed problems for half credit to bring that grade up to 70. If the student refuses the additional instruction or practice assignments, the original grade will remain.

Occasionally, the teacher may choose for students to retest on material rather than rework previously missed test problems.


Extra Credit

Test-Grade Assignments

  • Optional
  • due test day
  • cover the lessons covered on that test
  • points are added to the test grade when put into the electronic grade book
  • location: Khan Academy Website:

Daily-Grade Assignments

  • Optional
  • due the Friday before exams unless indicated otherwise
  • cover content from previous grades that are needed for success in the current class and also cover content from the current class
  • points are added after the Friday before exams start
  • location: CK-12 Website: